#MeetTheMaker Interview with MrsCraftyB

Hi everyone 👐

I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy some of the nicer weather around the UK lately. ..I sure have and have taken major advantage of it in the garden. Been busy painting fences, planting away and taking too many pictures for future posts ha ha…My phone is close to full now.

So a few months ago, I was approached by Mrs Crafty B (Annie B.) from the wonderful MrsCraftyB Blog.


I have been an avid MrsCraftyB follower of now for around 2 years….and was asked if I would like to be interviewed for her monthly #MeetTheMaker blog feature.

I first found Annie over on Twitter @MrsCraftyB back in 2014 and love her Crafts, Home & DIY content. Since then she has expanded out onto various platforms and am pleased to be an active member in her Facebook Group where we can share our makes and have a good old chat….So you won’t be surprised that I said a huge yes (while praising an unknown entity on high lol) and said thank you a million times over and more for the opportunity.

So today (Mon 20 June @ 9.30am GMT) I go live…behind the scenes lol…am so nervous of what all you guys will think of me but so excited at the same time.

If you want to have a read of the interview and get to know a little bit more about my inspiration for Cosmic and myself of course, you can find the interview Here:

#MeetTheMaker With Lea from Cosmic Crochet

Meet The Maker with Mrs Crafty B


I’d love it if you could leave a message in the comments over on the blog for Annie and let her know how incredibly grateful I am for her support in helping my business reach its goals.

Also be sure to check out the #MakingHome Feature over there….

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#MakingHome Link Up your Blog Post


…there are loads of lovely Home & Garden ideas going on here and also opportunity for you bloggers out there to link up your own home & garden related posts.

So once again Annie B (for the millionth & 1 time ha ha)….I send out a huge thank you to you for including Cosmic in #MeetTheMaker. I am truly Grateful!

Have a great Summer Solstice all

Much Love & Happy Hooking

Lea x


The World’s Most Expensive Card

Bang on the money there! I often see people using the 3 times ‘rule’ too. grrrr… that doesnt work at all either


Materials + Labour + Expenses + Profit = Wholesale x 2 = Retail

The above seller’s formula is what most craft business owners are told to use when working out how to price their items.  It’s what isfair.  I mean, let’s face it, as much as we crafters, artists and other creatives do what we do because we love it, if we’ve taken the leap into selling our makes, it’s because we want to see a return for the time, money and passion we’ve invested.

And rightly so.

But, see, there is a fundamental flaw in using the above formula that most, if not all, crafters also have to take into consideration; what consumers will actually pay.  Most of the time the two figures don’t even come close to each other.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a popular item and work it through: The featured image on this…

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Spring is here…welcome the colour and sunshine

Hi everyone. Hope your all well and finally able to enjoy some much awaited sunshine. Our ‘Sunshine Coast’ is certainly living up to its name this week. A quick shot of our sky here this week. What a blue that is!

Eastbourne Sunshine

I’ve been so busy of late with new product ideas and on social media! I finally opened an Instagram account and now spend way too much time trying to think of suitable hashtags ha ha. If you fancy popping on over and checking us out just click here

So not so much crochet with me at the moment…I have been trying to improve my knitting skills whilst also dabbling in the ever growing craft of cardmaking! Cards are quicker to make than knitted socks I’ve found ha ha.

On the sock Knitting front; I invested in a set of Knit Pro Symfonie Double Pointed Needles from Black Sheep Wools(£6.19 at time of writing May 2016).

I had some 4ply white yarn kicking around to practice with and also found a cool free pattern by Regia from over at Wool Warehouse (part of their Free Pattern Friday promotion)….for socks in many sizes.


2.75mm DPNs & 4ply equivalent cashmere mix yarn

Once I got into a rhythm on these, I found I was quite neat lol…strange for me as I usually drop stitches all over the place 😂.

I got a fair way down the first sock when I decided how boring white can be sometimes, (as you do!) I can be so indecisive with colourways and most of my stuff is either white cream or a shade of brown lately. So I had a thought 💡 (No it didnt hurt….too much ha ha). That thought was for a facebook group Im a member of and one of the members there who hand dyes the most beautiful looking yarns. Now I’ve been promising myself some of this lucious yarn for a while now and like many yarn addicts, I have a ‘strict’ budget when it comes to yarn choices. I dont use any of the ‘Budget’ makes of yarn that are widely available…although they have their uses…I’m a big believer in ‘You get what you pay for…’ and ‘Quality over Quantity…’

So off I went for another nosy around Young Yarns Etsy store; Run by the lovely Heather…she dyes the most amazing colourways. After drooling over others creations from Heather’s range…I was rubbing my hands with glee when I clicked order on two gorgeous skeins of 75% Merino. Am sure you will agree from the picture that I chose well!


The left hand colourway is called Periwinkle; partly why I chose it. I love being near water and the sea (just not in it!!!😨 terrifies me lol) and the colours are just such a good match with a periwinkle shell…..plus am a purple fan! The Plum on the right has a mix of greys and blues running through but much more solid colour. They are both so evenly dyed…each shade merges gently into the next and talk about soft and suprisingly lovely to grip and handle! I have to say…it was worth the wait.

So where to start…..bored of solid white…it had to be the Periwinkle


I love the stripes forming….


Isn’t it lovely…well I think so. This is seriously beautiful yarn both to look at and to work with! I have had to ‘frog’ (Rip it out; Ribbit Rippit) it ! couple of times now as am not the greatest knitter lol…and still it knits back up with no problem and crucially…NO Splitting! I am a total Young Yarns groupie now 💖.

So am now on the heel flap on sock 1 and hoping to finish this year 😂. I cant wait to start working on the plum. Am looking forward to seeing the effect.

I’ve also been making ‘Cat Bum’ Coasters for a client! How funny are these 😂😂😂


Now I have three fur babies..and I have to admit…I was pulling up their tails to check authenticity ha ha…I have issues I think!

On the cardmaking front; I have a few new designs now available on my Etsy store all available with UK; EU & USA delivery options.

Cards are a bit of a new venture for me but am working to expand my collection this year (Yes! Am already working on Christmas Cards! Ha Ha)

Cosmic Crochet Celebration Cards

So…It’s just occured to me while writing this how busy I’ve actually been this past month….and I still have a million and four things to get to to…argh! Hopefully this is set to continue as I also have a Social Media Training course booked for June…More on this next time though.

For now I will leave you with all this colour and hope you have a brilliant May. Enjoy the Sunshine

Lea x


NB Cosmic Crochet UK are not affiliated with any other brand I have written about in this post. This is a genuine review of products I have personally purchased and used. All views are my own.

Mrs Crafty B & Bakerdays Cake -Easter Competition Winner

So Hello everyone!!! Sorry for the extended break from blogging.  I have been hit by a horrible virus and I don’t do ill very well.  Happily now I am much better but to help me through the past couple of weeks illness…I discovered I had won prizes in two competitions I entered. Yaaaayyyyy!!!! Lucky Me!!

Firstly came a beautiful Letterbox Cake from Mrs Crafty B’s Blog (in association with Bakerdays).  Now we nearly all love cake don’t we so if you haven’t heard of Bakerdays you are missing out hugely!!


Gone are the days of flour covered worktops and burnt cake tins (I cant bake at all by the way ha ha) Just nip online…choose a cake size, a cake type (yes there are other options than plain sponge… ) choose a design and any personalisation and a few days later….it pops through your letterbox…INTACT! Many thanks to the little cake tin it comes in…..as us Yorkshire folk say “…It does what it says on ‘tin…”


As it was nearly Easter when I won; I chose a cute Easter design..I like bright vivid colours and wondered if the actual icing would be so vivid. I also chose to have my company name on it as yes….they do corporate cakes too. The website shows you a preview of your personalisation options and to be honest it’s very accurate and simple to navigate and use. I stuck to the basic options and chose a vanilla sponge as I imagined that where many people would start when trying out a company like this…I am not disappointed! The sponge is lovely & moist…holds together well and am no Mary Berry…but it tastes bloomin’ beautiful!!


The icing is a nice thickness and not too sweet or sickly and the colours are definitely as vivid as shown on their site.  As you can see from the photos; your cake is delivered in a lovely reusable tin; sealed for freshness and says it will last for 14 days. (Yes it definitely does!) It also comes with a little greetings card and as it was Easter….a few mini eggs which I thought was a nice touch.  The letterbox cakes start at £14.99 for the one I chose but options can take the price up a little more.  There are also Small, Medium & Large cakes available…If you get the large one you get a free Helium Balloon too!


You can choose different flavoured cakes from Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake made only with Belgian chocolate; Fruit Cake and even Gluten Free & Dairy Free options so something for everyone here.  Well worth a try if your after a beautifully made cake.

Thank you to both Mrs Crafty B & Bakerdays…I am a letterbox cake convert now!

So…onto my 2nd prize….Many of you have already seen my version of the Pugfect Pug Rug…I entered it into Hobbycraft’s ‘February Make of the Month’ competition…and I was chosen as one of the 10 runner up winners! Thanks to Hobbycraft for the £10 Voucher…I think it will be spent on buttons for my latest make…More to come on that in a future post.




So despite feeling like a bag of rubbish that has been squashed into the bin…I’ve had quite a good and fruitful Easter break…and a very lucky one lol. Here’s hoping now I can make finalist in the Etsy Awards…..ah well I live in hope.

Catch you all really soon

Lea xx

Cake Decorating Supplies

Hearts & Fluff & Shiny Things – Happy Valentines Day

Hi everyone. I’ve been so busy over these last couple of weeks that I’ve only just had chance to check my blog properly. I have to say a huge thank you and WOW lol…you have all come from far and wide to see my little Pug Rug; From Brazil to Japan and many other far flung places in between. So again…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope my future posts fly as far.

So these past couple of weeks for me have been full of mermaid tails; Pug Rugs and as its the season…lots of little love hearts 💖 (and a few pom-poms lol).


My nieces’ school are having a special afternoon as its Valentine’s this weekend so I offered my craftiness to help with decorations. My sister-in-law set off with my pom-pom makers and lots of lovely yarn I picked up from Hobbycraft…


…and I opted to make a Love Heart garland….which somehow along the way has increased to 3 garlands ha ha.


Now there are so many free patterns around for love hearts and its simple enough for most intermediate crocheters to come up with their own method…but as always…I was in a fix for time so after a quick hunt through the infamous search engine we all know…I found a lovely blog with a fantastic guide over at Craftaholics Anonymous for a simple crochet heart that even the newest to the craft would find easy to follow.


Linda at Craftaholics introduces us to one of her contributors Luliana; who has provided a full set of pictures with a pattern in a step by step layout, with every stitch simply explained. Big Thanks to both Linda & Luliana.

You might want to brush up on the ‘Magic Ring’ before hand, a good guide for this method of starting on a round can be found here over on the Craftsy Blog.
If your not too confident on the Magic Ring then you can chain 3 or 4 and join them with a slip stitch to create your ring…then carry on the pattern from there….you will end up with a hole in your heart with the chain ring method though.


I found that by varying the yarn thicknesses and adjusting your hook size accordingly, this pattern works for virtually any yarn or thread. Now bear in mind; my tension is quite tight, so you may find going up half a hook size may work better for the looser hookers (lol sorry hee hee).

Some of the smaller red hearts are made with King Cole Glitz DK (Around £3.79 per 100g ball) with a thread of Bergere de France Sirene (Around £5.60 per 50g reel) worked together on a 4mm hook. The largest heart so far has been on a 6.5mm hook with 2 strands of the glitz, 2 strands of the Sirene and 2 strands of another of Bergere De Frances’ Range; Lumiac, which is basically sequins on fine coloured thread (Around £5.50 per 25g reel)…Think ‘Super Chunky’ when judging the yarn thicknesses and should you should be about right.


The pink hearts are made from a mix of Hobbycraft’s WI Acrylic DK (£2.20 per 100g – 3 for 2 offer) and Sirdar Snuggly Pearls DK (Around £3.50 per 50g). The Womens’ Institute yarn is a standard DK for a 4mm hook (US Light Worsted) and the Sirdar, a Baby DK weight for approx 3.75-4mm hook (US Sport weight).

So then how to string them together? I decided on using 2 strands of the Sirdar Snuggly Pearls DK and worked that with 1 strand of the Sirene on a 5mm hook (around worsted weight).
I started with a Standing UK Treble/US DC (a good video tutorial for both left and right handers can be found over on Moogly’s Blog; Just click here) on one side of the first heart, followed by 7ch, then another UK tr/ US dc in the other side of the heart. I left a gap of ch3 between the hearts as I went along….but adjusted the chain stitches where needed for the varying sized hearts….Just check peridocally how the hearts are hanging.


So after 50 small hearts….a larger centrepiece heart and a few slot in odd ones (ha ha ha), I ended up with a garland nearly 2m long! All in about 3 hours with a few small breaks. If your after a quick to do Valentines decoration…then this shouldn’t take you long to do at all.

So now to finish the other two garlands in time…I love deadlines! Not! 🙂

It would be nice to see your versions of the hearts…If you want one of your makes to be featured on the blog over easter; Just pop me a quick message…or email…I’m on all the popular social media networks (Links are all below). I’ll also be opening my Facebook page up for likers to post so that should simplify things a little.

So I hope you all have a fantastic Valentines…till next time 🙂

Lea x

Lovely & Soft Diadem DK Yarn – perfect for silky Love Hearts

Diadem Yarn Knit Picks.jpg

Diadem Solid DK Yarn
from: Knit Picks

Helloooo! …and a bit of crochet…

Happy New Year!!!!! To all my followers of old and hopefully a few new ones too. Welcome to my new 2016 blog…My name is Lea and I am a yarn addict and avid Crochet Crazy Crafter !!!!!

As you can most likely see from my lack of previous blog posts, I’m not too good at this sort of thing. This would surprise you if you knew how much my mouth was incapable of NOT speaking (Self Confessed Chatterbox here). My creativeness is limited to my crafts and music alas, so much of this may sound like rambling nonsense to all but me ha ha. I hope my confidence in writing improves quickly.

So I thought long and hard about what aspects of my crochet & other crafts I wanted to share with the world and truly, I still haven’t fully decided, so best to start with a little bit more about my creations of late and a few tips tricks and maybe some free patterns in the near future. Am sure this will evolve overtime but I have to start somewhere….right?

The Pugfect Pug Rug by Ira Rott

So 2015 became a busy and creative year for me in the end….I was introduced to a lovely lady over Facebook through my sister-in-law who sadly had been let down by an overseas crocheter & required a very particular object for a Christmas gift. The pattern when I saw it gave me such a giggle…as you can see lol.The_Pugfect_Pug_Rug_by_Ira_Rott__5_.jpg

Now I’ve done afghans and alsorts…but never a rug…with a face…and paws…and ears. So I was left a little bewildered at first. I consider myself an intermediate crocheter…I still make silly mistakes…pull funny puzzled faces over some patterns lol. But I am so glad I accepted the commission.

The pattern was a dream to follow, Detailed pictures; easy to understand terms; NO mistakes (wow!) so a huge hats off to those over at http://www.irarott.com, well worth every penny paid. Click on the pattern image below to view the pattern details.


The pattern asks for 2 strands of Aran (Worsted) weight yarn worked together on an 8mm hook.  As per my clients brief, I knew this was to go in a rarely walked area but, never the less, I wanted it to last whilst also having less potential for stretch over the whole rug.

Eventually (after searching through every UK yarn supplier you can think of lol….welllll!!! I had to ha ha) I chose Sirdar Hayfields Bonus Aran with 20% wool. (Available widely online for between £8.99-10.99 per 1 x 400g balls. Yep..they are big balls!!! 😆).  I picked this big ball up from my local Hobbycraft store…but a few shades can be found in their online store here.



I like a bit of wool in my projects. I find it helps keep the acrylic stitches from shrinking within their stitches.  Good for projects that need to handle wear & tear regularly.

So..on with the body…



The eyes are made with Women’s Institute 100% Acrylic yarn available exclusively from Hobbycraft.co.uk at around £2.29 per 1x 100g. I chose a DK yarn and worked 3 strands together as I wanted to make the eyes stand out more.


I used a 7mm Bamboo hook on these to make the stitches close into one solid ‘fabric’; No gaps between stitches. So I was off….Picked up my hook…and astonishingly, I had finished on day 3! #HyperHooker….I’d love to get that trending one day.


…more Paws
Hello Face…Definitely a boy

This has been one of my favourite projects of 2015…I didn’t want to let him go …But I relinquished ownership eventually…and happily, the li’l guy is now in his new home, with his new owner not daring to walk on him…It lovely to know I have made something that has created joy for another. I hope to complete a couple more of Ira’s patterns in the next couple of months….there’s another rug and so much more I want to try. The year is young lol.

So there we have it…My first actual bonafide blog post. How did I do? I’d really welcome any feedback or questions you may have.  I’m also looking for subjects to cover over the next few months. I have many ongoing projects to share with you all but if there’s a subject you would like me to cover in the future I would love to here from you. My social media links are hiding somewhere below but your welcome to email me anytime at cosmiccrochetuk@gmail.com.

Till next time; Happy Hooking

Lea x


Comfy Worsted Yarn

from: Knit Picks